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We invite you to explore ideas centered on the type of change you are working on. Consider looking at your role in the change and also other perspectives and think about our ideas and suggestions based on the criteria you select.

For most changes, no single person has a true end-to-end view of how complex change is. Your CEO might understand the change in terms of organizational structure & strategy while your team in operations sees process or specification changes and the IT team best relates to the change with technology systems and tools.

When you lead change, it is important to align and orchestrate the different perspectives and work within the change–so mindsets change in concert with the more concrete aspects of the change.  Change Management Communication Center is here to help when transitions are a challenge.

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When mission and strategy are changing, be prepared for a big shake-up. These changes are difficult because your shift could contradict the very reason why people have been working at your business. Let’s focus on how to introduce this type of change as a change sponsor (executive leadership). Here are some ideas:

  • It is your job to set the tone and vision. Be very clear, and give people time to ask questions.
  • You will need to get buy-in from valued employees, and understand you are making a big ask–so approach conversations with that in mind.
  • Explain why the change is necessary.
  • Share how the change will benefit various individuals in your organization, how it will benefit your business, and how it will benefit your customers and the community you serve.
  • Tell it in stories, not in bullet points, action items, and timelines.
  • Ask for feedback–in fact, ask this question, “Do you see these changes as good or bad? Why?” and then ask, “Do you think we can accomplish this change?”
  • Ask your team how they would go about making these changes.
  • Don’t immediately judge the feedback you get and don’t take it personally. The most common first reaction to change is “shock and denial” followed by “anger and fear.” Remember it is your job to lead people to the next phase of the change process, and these first stages are part of the process—so take a breath and let it be.
  • Thank your team for listening and for sharing their thoughts.

Mission & Strategy + Middle Manager/Front Line Supervisor

Mission & Strategy + Employee Effected by Change

People + Business Owner/C-Level Executive

People + Middle Manager/Front Line Supervisor

People + Employee Effected by Change

Culture + Business Owner/C-Level Executive

Culture + Middle Manager/Front Line Supervisor

Culture + Employee Effected by Change

Knowledge + Business Owner/C-Level Executive

Knowledge + Middle Manager/Front Line Supervisor

Knowledge + Employee Effected by Change

Processes + Business Owner/C-Level Executive

Processes + Middle Manager/Front Line Supervisor

Processes + Employee Effected by Change

Technology + Business Owner/C-Level Executive

Technology + Middle Manager/Front Line Supervisor

Technology + Employee Effected by Change

Products, Marketing, and Customer Relationships + Business Owner/C-Level Executive

Products, Marketing, and Customer Relationships + Middle Manager/Front Line Supervisor

Products, Marketing, and Customer Relationships + Employee Effected by Change

Integration, Mergers & Acquisitions + Business Owner/C-Level Executive

Integration, Mergers & Acquisitions + Middle Manager/Front Line Supervisor

Integration, Mergers & Acquisitions + Employee Effected by Change

Succession Planning + Business Owner/C-Level Executive

Succession Planning + Middle Manager/Front Line Supervisor

Succession Planning + Employee Effected by Change

We are sorry we haven’t captured your unique situation on our website tool. We invite you to contact us, describe the changes you are working on, and we can share some ideas based on the information you share with us.

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