What is Change Management?

Posted on Jun 19, 2017 by

Change can be a scary creature that threatens to cause a horrific upheaval to how people work and perform their work. The threatening nature of change can be subdued with an effective change management program.

So, what is change management? We define Change Management as a leadership discipline that guides how we prepare, equip and support ourselves and others to successfully adopt changes that drive an organization to success and outcomes.

We recognize that everyone is unique in their own way and so is each individual organization.   A broad range of change management models, tools, behaviors, and best practices are considered when we co-create a plan that helps leaders support the individuals within your company to move from current state to future state.  Below are two levels of change management in which organizations could benefit from.

  1. Individual Change Management

It is a normal reaction for humans to resist change. We don’t like uprooting ourselves from a comfortable state to something we are not so sure about.  If individuals are supported and led through change within their job, they can adapt more easily and successfully.

  1. Organizational Change Management

While change is happening an individual level, it is very hard for a team working on a huge project to manage change on a person-by-person basis.  Organizational change management provides business leaders a framework for the steps and actions that will provide project level to support for everyone who is impacted by the project.

Organizational change management goes hand in hand with your project management.  Project management defines what your project’s purpose is and what resources are needed and allocated to complete the project.  Change management ensures that the project’s purpose/solution is embraced, adopted, and used in the right way.

For example: Let’s say your company is going through a new ERP (Enterprise Resource Management) Implementation, or even an update to an existing software solution. Yes, your new software will work, and will function as designed, but you also need everyone in your organization to

  • want to know how to use the new software and to
  • be proficient enough to use it effectively and also
  • be committed to using the new software without workarounds into the future.

Change is a scary word, but change is how we grow ourselves and our businesses.  Change Management Communications Center LLC is a dynamic collection of premier professionals who use their talent to help leaders advance how they address change. We work on the human (or soft) side of change. Contact us today to learn more about managing change within your organization.