Investing In Change Management – What’s At Stake?

It is not the strongest of species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is most adaptable to change.” – Charles Darwin

Changes in business happens every day, whether we manage it or not. Benefits from change are realized faster and are sustained when change is managed well. Think about when you were part of a change that was poorly managed. Were you the leader or the victim? What dragged down the results? Our clients and research  tell us that most changes fail because people are resistant to them. Time and money are the most common obstacles for leaders and businesses when investing in a competency for change.

What if you had a dependable toolset that could help you identify resistance and the cause of each individual’s resistance to change? Change management tools and techniques are widely available in publications, classes and online. The best tools and practices are often simple in presentation, but these alone are not enough. In practice, change management is an amalgamation of science, knowledge, experience and the art and application of the practitioner. A question to consider when hiring a consultant or assigning a project team or sponsor is “How much practice and success has this leader had with change management tools, techniques and practices?”  Another is “What is at stake if this change does not go well?”

Here is a quick and simple tool that helps assess the risks of change. Think of a change you are working on or intend to accomplish at work. There are three levels of the change to consider, and there are costs and risks associated with each. Create a chart like the one below to assess your ability to recover from potential losses associated with the project. I invite you to create a chart that contains the specific risks and costs (add in the numbers!) associated with the changes you are working on to make this exercise more meaningful to you.

Contact Change Management Communications Center if you have questions or need more information about assessing the risks associated with leading change. Explore opportunities in developing your personal leadership and your business’s competency for change. Profitable change is what we specialize in.