What is Change Management?

Change Management is the “magic” that helps people within an organization move from the current state, through transition, and into the future state.  It puts people first in the disruption of corporate adjustments.  

Change management is not a power play, nor is it heavy-handed.  
It certainly isn’t a parable, simply read, to make people willingly accept the uncertainty of change.

Change Management is a leadership discipline that can be learned. Change Management Communications Center is coaches, clients, consultants, and community learning and applying change management theories and practices

We partner with business leaders and community leaders to achieve positive change results.  Change management marries research-based theory and models with best practices to move people through the cycle of change 

That’s Change Management

Why Use Change Management?

Nearly two-thirds of all major changes in organizations fail
Only 43% of process improvement efforts are worth the effort
Only 9% of major IT projects realize a return on investment
Mismanaging change is the #1 reason people lose their jobs
Don't Fear Change.
We Can Help
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Theories & Practices in Change Management

We create customized plans for our unique clients using:

Model to a Five-Phase Model (Lippit, Watson, and Westley 1958)

Gestalt Institute Paradoxical Theory of Change (Arnold Beisser, M.D. 1970)

The Action Research Model/Theory (Collier, 1945; French, 1969; Schein, 1980)

Mento, Jones and Dirndofer Twelve-Step Model (Mento, Jones and Dirmdofer 2002)

Lewin Schein Extension of Lewin’s Change Model (Schien, 1980)

Rick Maurer and Associates, Change without Migraines (2008)

Birkinshaw Dimensions of Management (Birkinshaw 2010)

Kotter Strategic Eight-Step Model (Kotter, 1996)

Jick Ten-Step Model (Jick, 2003; Jick, 2001)

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs (Maslow, 1943)

Lewin Three-Step Model (Lew, 1951)

Prosci ADKAR Model (Hiatt 1996)

Shield Five-Step Model (Shield, 1999)

The Process of Transition Model (JM Fisher 2000)

Diffusion of Innovation Model (EM Rogers 1955)

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