Mike Shereck

Mike is a husband, father, business and community leader, and coach.  Mike works with Leaders and CEO’s throughout the America’s.  Mike style is one of authenticity, strength, trust, with a good deal of humor mixed in.  He is not your garden variety coach.

Mike’s most recent focus is in the area of Leader and Organizational re-Invention.  He has worked with people in large global consulting organization, and regional niche consulting firms.  He has found great success working with tech start ups, large manufacturing firms and with old line construction companies.  He has worked with artists and musicians, and engineers and real estate developers.  The common thread is, relationships are the key to success. 

Mike’s clients have experienced not only exponential breakthroughs in generating quantifiable business results, the thing that is most inspiring are the “auxiliary breakthroughs”, greater connections to family and friends, the discovery of one’s authentic voice, and real agency in how they live and express themselves.

In conjunction with his client practice and leading programs, Mike also organizes and leads transformational motorcycle rides that blend community, leadership, and the joy of experiencing this great country on two wheels. 

Prior to Mike’s coaching career he worked in leadership in both manufacturing and construction industries, leading one of the largest sustainable projects ever built in the Midwest.  During his career he has held a variety of positions including but not limited to; VP of Business Development; Global Accounts Manager; General Manger, North America; Executive Director, Special Projects; and President.  In his over 25 years of business experience Mike has experienced over 10,000 separate transaction that generated hundreds of millions of dollars in executed contracts on four continents. 

Mike lives on a cul-de-sac, with his amazing wife, Jeannette, and their two cats, Charlie and TC (TC is for Top Cat, yep the cartoon), in the idyllic community of Naperville, IL.

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