Lisa Klarner

Lisa Klarner is a professional with a passion for building trusted relationships, guiding individuals through change and helping people to live their best life. With over 20 years of corporate experience, Lisa leads change management strategy for enterprise-wide technology transformation and large-scale office renovations.

Lisa’s technical expertise, acquired within the information technology (IT) field, resulted in robust change and communication strategies which drive adoption of technology changes such as SharePoint, mobile device implementations, desktop upgrades and more! Her workplace change management strategies resulted in employee acceptance of innovative workplace designs, flexible work practices and open concept environments.

Driving toward success, Lisa prioritizes senior leadership support and employee engagement from start to finish. She maintains a solid change management plan to keep employees informed so they can focus their energy on achieving business goals, rather than worrying in uncertainty about changes on the horizon.

As a strategic partner of CMCC and the owner of Lisa Klarner Coaching and Consulting, LLC, Lisa looks for every opportunity to use her empathetic style to connect with people experiencing change and to guide them through what is to come.

She has an eye for the greater vision and expertly weaves this vision into the change management strategies she implements for individuals and companies. Her background in project management and change management result in powerful and productive organizational change management workshops and integrated planning sessions. In workshops and in one-on-one interactions, Lisa inspires people to share honest feedback while motivating them to continually grow and learn.

Lisa is a certified PROSCI® Change Management Professional and a certified life and career coach through Quantum Leap University.

Lisa’s unique set of skills and experiences paired with her desire to be a positive advocate and accountability partner to companies and individuals enables successful change in professional and personal environments.

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