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“Leaders give others what they need to be successful: no more, and no less.” –Tina Schuelke

Tina founded Change Management Communications Center LLC in 2013 in order to help more businesses experience higher profits from their investments in change.

It is hard to find anyone who is more enthusiastic and skilled in change management than Tina Schuelke. Change Management Communications Center has several client engagements in Wisconsin’s fortune 500 portfolio, growing manufacturing and construction trades businesses, and serves further national and international clients as well.

Tina is passionate about Digital Transformation and Disruption and is a founding member of Amplify Oshkosh, a grass-roots movement designed to amplify businesses, education, and careers through events led by a consortium of tech-minded leaders.

She leads her company’s mission to positively impact bottom line savings and create top line economic growth.  Tina has over 30 years’ experience leading successful change in business and community while becoming well-versed in more than 15 change management models and theories.  Tina is active in supporting her community through volunteerism, fundraising, and non-profit boards of directors.

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