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Body Language for Buy-In

Are you comfortable with all the non-verbal language cues you need to know?  Body language accounts for 55% of communication, and leaders need to use and interpret body language if they are going to be effective.  Change Management Communications Center LLC and Body Language Blueprints LLC have co-created this class to help leaders and innovators use and understand body language for buy-in.

2 Sessions

January 23 & 25 | 7:30 – 9:30 am


Transitioning from Boss to Leader

When are you a boss and when are you a leader? What feels better to you? We see Boss and Leader as complete opposites. A boss is just there to get the job done while a leader is there to help empower, motivate, and guide their team. Spend some time with us to learn how to transition from a boss into a leader. You will receive custom practices that we co-create to help you transition. We believe leaders give others what they need to be successful –no more and no less. More importantly, leaders grow more leaders.

3 Classroom Sessions | 3 one-to-one Coaching Sessions

January 29, February 5 and 12 | 7:30 – 9:30 am


 Leading from the Middle

If you are in the middle of your organization, you have relationships above you, below you, and alongside you from an organizational perspective. Influential leadership is what brings everyone together to reach a common goal. The soft-skills required being a cross-functional leader and a leader from the middle are valued and appreciated in every organization. Learn best practices, processes to depend on and tips for how to lead from the middle in your organization.

4 Classroom Sessions | 3 One-to-One Coaching sessions

January 19, February 2, 16, and March 2 | 7:30 – 9:30 am


Future sessions offered in our Idea Center

Below are additional sessions of we offer in our Idea Center. If you are interested in one of these sessions please contact us, or fill out a form here to choose which session you would prefer.

Succession Visioning & Game Planning

What is your game plan? Exit strategies and business succession planning are challenges every business owner and management teams need to address. We have designed a way for you to make your plans come to life. Our facilitated, design-thinking workshop fosters strategic and innovative mindsets to create your succession vision and game plan process with you.

Design Based Thinking

How do you facilitate a deep structure of inquiry, questioning, prototyping, and product design in your company? Design Based Thinking leverages design industry skillsets and applies them during innovation processes. Learn why design based thinking is trending in business skills and learn how to select and create design tools that serve your business needs.

Creating a Culture for Innovation

What gets in the way of motivation and new ideas? Learn how to create a culture within your organization that removes barriers like feeling overwhelmed and directionless; thinking in terms of isolated products, services, and information; and being stuck while avoiding risk and fear. Your team needs to get in the right mind-set for innovation, and knowing how to create the appropriate culture shifts will address the many barriers to innovative expression and behavior.

Functional Leadership through Flow

Change Management Communications Center LLC and Just Thinking LLC have co-created a system for transitioning business from dysfunction to high performing teams through flow. Every problem a person has ultimately comes down to their inability to flow. A 2013 Harvard Business Review study about employee engagement shows that 65% of an employee’s performance is directly attributed to their supervisor and the reason is flow. You will learn how to intentionally flow, how to help other people to intentionally flow, how flow relates to happiness and experiencing joy, and how flow is a solution to Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s Diseases.

Untangling Resistance to Change

Do you have a good process for identifying the levels of resistance and how to address it? Learn why mastering the fundamentals of change management – the people side of change – is a core competency for business leaders. Together, we will untangle resistance to change, and reveal a path to increase speed of adoption, develop user proficiency, and raise ultimate utilization for business projects and implementations you are a part of.

The Three Change Models We Use Most

Why do we only have 18 change management models and theories listed on our website? After all, there are more than 24,938 results for books about “change management” listed on, and you can find more than 5,230,000 results for “change management principles” on Google in half of a second. The truth is, our team of consultants are quite familiar with hundreds of methodologies, but there is a golden list. Join us in a highly interactive classroom experience to get familiar with and practice our top three models that we depend on to lead change effectively. Can you even guess what the three change models that our team of consultants practice the most in client engagements?

Constructive Conflict

Can you remember having a conversation, and at the end of the conversation, you feel like nothing was resolved? We will work together and break down the process and practices for how to constructively address a conflict with others, fearlessly address the “elephant in the room” and lead a group to resolution and commitment to results so everyone feels better in the end.

Pivotal Conversations

Do you have the dialogue skills needed to bring multiple priorities and diverse viewpoints together in ways that lead to concerted action? Our Pivotal Conversations program will help you develop creative thinking skills necessary to accomplish goals in a high-stakes environment. We are not teaching etiquette class, or interpersonal skills 101, we are sharing a process and proven techniques that dramatically improve high-risk/high-payoff business conversations.

Custom classes to suit your need

Change Management Communications Center LLC is a dynamic collection of premier talent designed to help leaders advance how they address change. If you would like a class designed specifically for your organization, or to address a particular challenge, contact us. We love creating custom courses that help you and your team explore, grow, and accomplish more!