Change Management Communications Center LLC (CMCC) is a dynamic collection of premier coaches and consultants based in Northeast Wisconsin, Advancing How Business Leaders Address Change.

CMCC is motivated to get the results you need, to create a workplace culture that inspires growth, and to nurture partnerships that make work worthwhile.  At the same time, we oppose creating more stress, unhappy or unhealthy work environments, “soft” solutions that don’t get to the root cause of the problem, wasted energy, and wasted time.

CMCC Purpose, Cause, and Passion: Advancing How Leaders Address Change.  

CMCC Niche: Making Uncomfortable Change at Work Fun and Rewarding.

“Leaders give others what they need to be successful: no more, and no less.” –Tina Schuelke

Tina founded Change Management Communications Center LLC in 2013 in order to help more businesses experience higher profits from their investments in change.

It is hard to find anyone who is more enthusiastic and skilled in change management than Tina Schuelke. Change Management Communications Center has several client engagements in Wisconsin’s fortune 500 portfolio, growing manufacturing and construction trades businesses, and serves further national and international clients as well.

Tina is passionate about Digital Transformation and Disruption and is a founding member of Amplify Oshkosh, a grass-roots movement designed to amplify businesses, education, and careers through events led by a consortium of tech-minded leaders.

She leads her company’s mission to positively impact bottom line savings and create top line economic growth.  Tina has over 30 years’ experience leading successful change in business and community while becoming well-versed in more than 15 change management models and theories.  Tina is active in supporting her community through volunteerism, fundraising, and non-profit boards of directors.

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Meet The Team

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Jessica Van Derven is a change management and communications consultant whose vision is simple – help clients achieve results. She believes that the secret to success is a clearly defined objective backed by a thoughtful and executable strategy. This belief has been formed over a 20+ year career working for large and small companies in a variety of change management and communications roles. Prior to launching her own consulting practice, Jessica was Vice President of Corporate Communications, Community Relations and Sustainability for Halyard Health, a medical device company that was spun-off from Kimberly-Clark Corporation.

Jessica has vast change management experience. She has guided companies through workforce reorganizations, downsizing, outsourcing, plant closures, executive changes, reputational crises, technology changes, regulation adoption and transformation at both the business and corporate level. In her time at Halyard Health, Jessica led her company through a successful spin-off which included rebranding, launching a new vision and mission to all stakeholders, and taking the company public.

Jessica is a strategist with a passion for her craft. She has honed skills as a leader, change manager, project planner, crisis manager, speech writer, executive coach, boundary pusher, truth teller and occasional blogger and writer.

Jessica earned a bachelor’s degree in Management Information Systems and Accounting from The University of Wisconsin at Eau Claire and a Masters of Business Administration from Tennessee Technological University.

Jessica, her husband and their two children live in Plymouth, Wisconsin.

Lisa Klarner is a professional with a passion for building trusted relationships, guiding individuals through change and helping people to live their best life. With over 20 years of corporate experience, Lisa leads change management strategy for enterprise-wide technology transformation and large-scale office renovations.

Lisa’s technical expertise, acquired within the information technology (IT) field, resulted in robust change and communication strategies which drive adoption of technology changes such as SharePoint, mobile device implementations, desktop upgrades and more! Her workplace change management strategies resulted in employee acceptance of innovative workplace designs, flexible work practices and open concept environments.

Driving toward success, Lisa prioritizes senior leadership support and employee engagement from start to finish. She maintains a solid change management plan to keep employees informed so they can focus their energy on achieving business goals, rather than worrying in uncertainty about changes on the horizon.

As a strategic partner of CMCC and the owner of Lisa Klarner Coaching and Consulting, LLC, Lisa looks for every opportunity to use her empathetic style to connect with people experiencing change and to guide them through what is to come.

She has an eye for the greater vision and expertly weaves this vision into the change management strategies she implements for individuals and companies. Her background in project management and change management result in powerful and productive organizational change management workshops and integrated planning sessions. In workshops and in one-on-one interactions, Lisa inspires people to share honest feedback while motivating them to continually grow and learn.

Lisa is a certified PROSCI® Change Management Professional and a certified life and career coach through Quantum Leap University.

Lisa’s unique set of skills and experiences paired with her desire to be a positive advocate and accountability partner to companies and individuals enables successful change in professional and personal environments.


Mike is a husband, father, business and community leader, and coach.  Mike works with Leaders and CEO’s thoughout the America’s.  Mike style is one of authenticity, strength, trust, with a good deal of humor mixed in.  He is not your garden variety coach.

Mike’s most recent focus is in the area of Leader and Organizational re-Invention.  He has works with people in large global consulting organization, and regional niche consulting firms.  He has found great success working with with tech start ups, large manufacturing firms and with old line construction companies.  He has worked with artists and musicians, and engineers and real estate developers.  The common thread is, relationships are the key to success. 

Mike’s clients have experienced not only exponential breakthroughs in generating quantifiable business results, the thing that is most inspiring are the “auxiliary breakthroughs”, greater connections to family and friends, the discovery of one’s authentic voice, and real agency in how they live and express themselves.

In conjunction with his client practice and leading programs, Mike also organizes and leads transformational motorcycle rides that blend community, leadership, and the joy of experiencing this great country on two wheels. 

Prior to Mikes coaching career he worked in leadership in both manufacturing and construction industries, leading one of the largest sustainable projects ever built in the Midwest.  During his career he has held a variety of positions including but not limited to; VP of Business Development; Global Accounts Manager; General Manger, North America; Executive Director, Special Projects; and President.  In his over 25 years of business experience Mike has experienced over 10,000 separate transaction that generated hundreds of millions of dollars in executed contracts on four continents. 

Mike lives on a cul-de-sac, with his amazing wife, Jeannette, and their two cats, Charlie and TC (TC is for Top Cat, yep the cartoon), in the idyllic community of Naperville, IL. mike@cmccfoxvalley.com


Kristin is a compassionate communication architect who designs custom plans to build upon natural tendencies and improve nonverbal interaction.  As a trainer and coach, she teaches the tips and tricks of body language as well as the science behind it.

With a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology and decades of experience in the training and caregiving fields. As a lifelong learner, Kristin is thrilled to have combined her psychology background and teaching skills with a love of body language and communication.


As a recovering awkward person (think shy teenage girl dressed in black), Kristin aims to educate individuals and empower them to reveal their inner awesome. By teaching the essential nonverbal skills, she gives clients the tools and blueprints to successfully interact with others and develop as leaders.


Adam is the guy you go to when something just is not working and the stress is building and it all feels like a tangled mess. With a background in philosophy, organizational theory, leadership development and universal design, Adam’s calm apporach and unique perspective will help you untangle whatever knot you find yourself stuck in. From fun and inspiring presentations, to creative and efficient problem-solving, Adam delivers to help you get your operations where you need them. 

Adam is deeply involved in the community, sitting on several committees for the city and county, leading a Cub Scout troop, and promoting civic engagement are all part of what Adam loves about being a force for positive change in Oshkosh, WI and where you are. Adam has a wife, two kids, a dog and a cat; all of whom care deeply about showing up for community engagement and enjoying baseball.

To learn more about how Adam can help you develop leaders within your organization, or connect you with one of our Executive Leadership Coaches, get in touch at adam@cmccfoxvalley.com or (920) 651-1144.

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