Change Management Communications Center LLC provisions leaders with the skills and tools they need to be successful while leading others through change.  We serve the New North Region of Wisconsin and beyond.  We are intentionally lean, project management savvy, and known for our ability to care for the human side of change.  We use our extensive experience, skills, talent, curiosity and knowledge to help our customers build their own competency for change. Change Management Communications Center LLC is a dynamic collection of premier talent designed to help leaders advance how they address change.

“Leaders give others what they need to be successful: no more, and no less.” –Tina Schuelke

Tina founded Change Management Communications Center LLC in 2013 in order to help more businesses experience higher profits from their investments in change.

It is hard to find anyone who is more enthusiastic and skilled in change management than Tina Schuelke. Her vision to serve small and medium-sized businesses in the Wisconsin New North Region has expanded.  The Change Management Communications Center team has client engagements in the Milwaukee and Madison areas, with a few international clients as well.

Tina leads her company’s mission to positively impact bottom line savings and create top line economic growth.  Tina has over 30 years’ experience leading successful change in business and community while becoming well-versed in more than 15 change management models and theories.  Tina is active in supporting her community through volunteerism, fundraising, and non-profit boards of directors.

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In June 2017, Jim brought his 40+ years of manufacturing experience from Pepsi to Change Management in his encore career! Jim brings energy and joy along with experience in process audit and quality systems expertise; and a keen sense of learning, assessing, and understanding “what is” to our practice. Jim is already integral in our behind-the-scenes work at Change Management Communications Center. He enjoys being more present in the community and with client engagements as he transitions into a career adventure that is more in line with what he wants his version of retirement to be.  Jim is a lifelong athlete, and plays Senior Softball with the Oshkosh Ambassadors, in their nationally ranked 60+ team. We invite you to talk with Jim about what we are up to at Change Management Communications Center, and also ask his perspective on leading teams and being a good teammate at work, on the floor, and in the field.  

During her career, Amy has been an entrepreneur and intrapreneur. Titles of Coordinator, Associate Director, Director of Next Generation Initiatives and Owner have come and gone from her business card. Though the titles changed Amy’s commitment to working with people to launch and grow sustainable enterprises remained steadfast. From traditional small businesses to multi-million dollar entrepreneurial firms, Amy has helped owners define their business model, develop strategic, marketing and business plans, access financing and plan for their legacy through succession planning.

In 2004, Fox Valley Technical College (FVTC) recruited Amy to join them in their pursuit of researching the need for and then developing the vision for the FVTC Venture Center, which launched in September 2005. Since that time, Amy has worked to make this entrepreneurship and small business resource center the best in its class.

Along the way, Amy’s work to drive economic development via entrepreneurship and small business creation and expansion has been noticed. In 2017, SCORE Fox Cities recognized Amy as a Champion of Small Business. SCORE Fox Cities also recognized the FVTC Venture Center with its Partnership Award in 2014; in 2009, the MIT Club of Wisconsin selected the FVTC Venture Center as the recipient of their annual Innovation Award. Amy received the Woman of Distinction Award from Mid-Day Business and Professional Women in 2007, the Cutting Edge Award from Appleton Rotary in 2006; and, Amy was the recipient of the 2005 Alverno College Young Professional Achievement Award.

Lisa Klarner is an experienced career professional with a passion for building trusted relationships, guiding individuals through change and helping people to live their best life. With over 20 years of corporate experience, Lisa has led change management strategy for large-scale office renovations and enterprise-wide technology implementations.

Her workplace change management strategies resulted in employee acceptance of innovative workplace designs, flexible work practices and open concept environments. The technical expertise she gained in the information technology field resulted in robust change and communication strategies which drove adoption of technology changes such as SharePoint, mobile device implementations, desktop upgrades and more!

Driving toward success, Lisa prioritizes senior leadership support and employee engagement from start to finish. She maintains a solid change management plan to keep employees informed so they can focus their energy on achieving business goals, rather than worrying in uncertainty about changes on the horizon.

As a strategic partner of CMCC and the owner of Lisa Klarner Coaching and Consulting, LLC, Lisa looks for every opportunity to use her empathetic style to connect with people experiencing change and to guide them through what lies ahead.

Lisa is a certified PROSCI® Change Management Professional and a certified life and career coach through Quantum Leap University.

Jessica Van Derven is an independent change management and communications consultant whose vision is simple – help clients achieve results. She believes that the secret to success is a clearly defined objective backed by a thoughtful and executable strategy. This belief has been formed over a 20-year career working for large and small companies in a variety of change management and communications roles. 

Jessica has vast change management experience. She has guided companies through workforce reorganizations, downsizing, outsourcing, plant closures, executive changes, reputational crisis, technology changes, regulation adoption and transformation at both the business and corporate level. In her time at Halyard Health, Jessica led her company through a successful spin-off which included rebranding, launching a new vision and mission to all stakeholders, and taking the company public.

Jessica is a strategist with a passion for her craft. She has honed skills as a leader, change manager, project planner, crisis manager, speech writer, executive coach, boundary pusher, truth teller and occasional blogger and writer.
Jessica earned a bachelor’s degree in Management Information Systems and Accounting from The University of Wisconsin at Eau Claire and a Masters of Business Administration from Tennessee Technological University.

Jessica, her husband and their two children live in Plymouth, Wisconsin.

Mike joined Change Management Communications Center LLC in April 2018.  He brings his passion for leadership, a keen sense for objectively reading people and their intentions and providing sincere and compassionate feedback.  He has broad business experience and has held titles such as project manager, application director, data center manager, help desk manager, ERP implementation leader, and executive director with well-known companies like Appvion Inc. and Kimberly-Clark Corporation.

Mike’s multiple leadership roles across Information Technology disciplines, coupled with his undergraduate education and MBA, position him to serve our clients as they address the most complex challenges we face in business today.  His passion for service and helping people was ignited at a young age as he earned the rank of Eagle Scout.  Today, he serves on St. Francis Xavier Schools Board of Trustees and is a Respondent Advocate for the Green Bay Diocese.

When he isn’t working, you are likely to find Mike fishing, spending time pursuing wilderness adventures and traveling with his wife and sons.

Kristin is an incredibly talented communication architect and nonverbal interaction designer.  She teaches the foundation of body language, the science behind it, and most importantly the techniques for using your primary communication tool to improve your communication.

With a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology and gobs of experience with training and coaching in the non-profit world Kristin became aware of the true power of body language. She is a lifelong learner who has combined a psychology background and teaching skills with a love of connecting and communicating through body language.

As a self-described “recovering awkward person”, Kristin has turned herself into a “Social Lego” who makes great connections everywhere she goes. Kristin hopes to educate and empower others to reveal their inner awesome. By teaching the necessary nonverbal skills, she gives clients the toolkit and blueprints to successfully interact with others. And partnering with Change Management Communications Center allows our clients to gain new and valuable insight into how they manage change and more effectively communicate their vision.

Adam BellCorelli’s B.S. in Philosophy and Masters in Public Administration give him the tools to think about complex issues in new and interesting ways, focusing on process improvement, building greater connectedness, and finding a positive path forward. Through public speaking and teaching about the value of buiding a vibrant, sustainable community that energizes each citizen, Adam is able to guide leaders along the path that others want to follow. Connect with Adam and access our services and resources or to work with him and untangle a process of your own. 

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