Change Management Communications Center LLC provisions leaders with the skills and tools they need to be successful while leading others through change.  We serve the New North Region of Wisconsin and beyond.  We are intentionally lean, project management savvy, and known for our ability to care for the human side of change.  We use our extensive experience, skills, talent, curiosity and knowledge to help our customers build their own competency for change. Change Management Communications Center LLC is a dynamic collection of premier talent designed to help leaders advance how they address change.

Meet Tina Schuelke, Executive Director

“Leaders give others what they need to be successful: no more, and no less.” –Tina Schuelke

Tina founded Change Management Communications Center LLC in 2013 in order to help more businesses experience higher profits from their investments in change.

It is hard to find anyone who is more enthusiastic and skilled in change management than Tina Schuelke. Her vision to serve small and medium-sized businesses in the Wisconsin New North Region has expanded.  The Change Management Communications Center team has client engagements in the Milwaukee and Madison areas, with a few international clients as well.

Tina leads her company’s mission to positively impact bottom line savings and create top line economic growth.  Tina has over 30 years’ experience leading successful change in business and community while becoming well-versed in more than 15 change management models and theories.  Tina is active in supporting her community through volunteerism, fundraising, and non-profit boards of directors.

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Meet The Team

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In June 2017, Jim left his job at Pepsi and began his encore career with us! Jim brings more than 40 years of manufacturing experience; process audit and quality systems expertise; and a keen sense of learning, assessing, and understanding “what is” to our practice. Jim is already integral in our behind-the-scenes work at Change Management Communications Center. He enjoys being more present in the community and with client engagements as he transitions into a career adventure that is more in line with what he wants his version of retirement to be.  Jim is a lifelong athlete, and plays Senior Softball with the Oshkosh Ambassadors, in their nationally ranked 60+ team. We invite you to talk with Jim about what we are up to at Change Management Communications Center, and also ask his perspective on leading teams and being a good teammate at work, on the court, and in the field.  

Hannah is a great addition to the Change Management team as a well organized young professional that excels in team building and communication.  Her role with Change Management includes managing our website, creating marketing collateral to help promote the image of Change Management and increase our online presence. 

Jeff .joined Change Management Communication Center LLC in May 2018. He holds the role of Marketing and Communication Strategist. Jeff will serve both our clients and CMCC in the capacity. He has a passion and gift for understanding customer and consumer wants and needs. Jeff has a broad experience across many verticals including Consumer Products, B2B, Healthcare, Financial, Telecom and Culinary. Other markets served include Music, Travel & Entertainment, Printing, Sports and Non-Profit. Some well-known companies include Kimberly Clark, Vollrath, AMEX, AT&T, Shimadzu, and 3M Health.

Jonathan Fries is a musician and spent much of his young adulthood in a band touring the US and Canada and recalls some of his favorite moments were playing in venues such as the X-Games in Aspen, Colorado and opening for Greenday. He found that no matter what town he was in, his passion to help people improve their lives would kick in. He moved back to Wisconsin and has focused on executive and life coaching where he has coached the leadership of organizations from the Boys and Girls Club to construction companies to prisons. With eight plus years of executive and life coaching he has carved a niche with bridging the gap between first and second generations of family business owners as they transition their businesses from one generation to the next.

During her career, Amy has been an entrepreneur and intrapreneur. Titles of Coordinator, Associate Director, Director of Next Generation Initiatives and Owner have come and gone from her business card. Though the titles changed Amy’s commitment to working with people to launch and grow sustainable enterprises remained steadfast. From traditional small businesses to multi-million dollar entrepreneurial firms, Amy has helped their owners define their business model, develop strategic, marketing and business plans, access financing and plan for their legacy through succession planning.

In 2004, Fox Valley Technical College (FVTC) recruited Amy to join them in their pursuit of researching the need for and then developing the vision for the FVTC Venture Center, which launched in September 2005. Since that time, Amy has worked to make this entrepreneurship and small business resource center the best in its class.

Along the way, Amy’s work to drive economic development via entrepreneurship and small business creation and expansion has been noticed. In 2017, SCORE Fox Cities recognized Amy as a Champion of Small Business. SCORE Fox Cities also recognized the FVTC Venture Center with its Partnership Award in 2014; in 2009, the MIT Club of Wisconsin selected the FVTC Venture Center as the recipient of their annual Innovation Award. Amy received the Woman of Distinction Award from Mid-Day Business and Professional Women in 2007, the Cutting Edge Award from Appleton Rotary in 2006; and, Amy was the recipient of the 2005 Alverno College Young Professional Achievement Award.

John Lenhart has used his degrees in Chemistry and Chemical Engineering to create models that resulted in the formulation and even creation of many consumer products such as a new and improved Liquid Tide for Procter & Gamble, Ultra Purex for The Dial Corp., Plug-Ins for SC Johnson Wax, as well as being the youngest person to receive the Dow Chemical Central Research Inventor of the Year award. In addition to his patents, John has dozens of trade secrets involving how the human brain functions. Ultimately, he is focused on helping people Flow, which is not just the only thought process that isn’t damaging; it has also been called “the essence of leadership”.

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