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Nearly two-thirds of all major changes in organizations fail
Only 43% of process improvement efforts are worth the effort
Only 9% of major IT projects realize a return on investment
Mismanaging change is the #1 reason people lose their jobs
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Success Stories

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Working with Change Management has provided us a step back to look at what’s going on. It’s made me aware of the habits that I have and that our employees have. I feel better about knowing how to reinforce habits that contribute to our success, while addressing the habits that are not. The Change Management team is friendly, outgoing, and knowledgeable. The experience they bring to our small company has been a big value. They have interacted with every employee in our company, and have been a very positive influence. Personally, I have become more confident in my decision-making and my ability to lead change successfully as a manager.
Dave Crouse Shipping Supervisor : Lake Country Manufacturing
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“I was hesitant when I first started working with Change Management Communications Center and began coaching. I have had other coaching experiences that did not amount to much. It didn’t take long before I opened my mind and realized their brand of coaching was a valuable and effective tool. Since working with Change Management Communications Center, our team has improved their communication overall. The team and individuals at Shea Electric have grown from within and our already successful company continues to improve and grow. "
Chris Hopf Project Manager: Shea Electric and Communications, LLC
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Working with Change Management has helped us at the management level so that we can make Lake Country one of the best places to work. I think the one-on- one coaching has been wonderful. Personally, it’s been a great business tool for me, it’s going to help us grow the way we want to grow. I think we are in good hands. I’m hearing from the employees that the leadership team's management skills are improving. We’re happy customers, and feel like we are just scratching the surface of what this will do for our company.
Kevin Kaszubowski Controller : Lake Country Manufacturing
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"Interstate Sealant and Concrete's experience with Change Management Communications Center has been very positive. Our management team has embraced the ideas and concepts as well as new ways of communicating we have been putting in place. The positive feedback from everyone that has participated in the coaching service makes me believe working with Change Management was a great choice."
Cheryl Sment President: Interstate Sealant & Concrete
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People don’t like change, but I believe that in order to succeed and do better, we need change. The value of coaching for me as a leader has been having a mentor, someone to bounce ideas off of, hearing another perspective. It has helped me learn to delegate, to train those I manage to lead others, and to prioritize. Things that were getting pushed to the side and left undealt with are being taken by the horns and changed. We are much better at confronting issues and there is less tolerance overall for sub-par work and work behaviors. It’s had a big impact on the production floor, but the biggest benefit I see is for those in the office. I would recommend Change Management Communication Center as a resource to anyone implementing a new system or anyone who wants business and management coaching and training.
Mike Severson Production Manager : Lake Country Manufacturing
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Being able to take steps forward and start the growing process has been a valuable result of the coaching. Working with Change Management is motivating. Getting my goals out in the open has helped me get started and move toward them. As we grow, we will be better able to support our customers as a result of the work we have done with Change Management. Anyone who is willing and wants to take the next step with their business, or is going through a big change that they are not sure of and needs a structure to move forward would benefit from using this service.
Scott Voelz Account Executive : Lake Country Manufacturing
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"Tina's coaching is the real deal. I warned everyone I was very skeptical about coaching and change management training. I have had lots of management training and most of it proved to be of little use to me in the moment. Working with Change Management has made me a more self-reflective person. This service has improved balance in my work life and personal life. I have been able to delegate some decision making processes and I effectively communicate plans and results to everyone involved more easily. Now I am able to think through several different possibilities, perspectives and outcomes to find a common good. Each session brings me a new breakthrough---one that I can actually use at work."
Garret Burleson Vice President of Operations: Interstate Sealant & Concrete
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